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Cameron Volunteer Fire Dept.

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These are the vehicles that help us get our job done when called upon!





Top to Bottom:
Engine 81: This is our first out truck on all fires outside of the city limits: Equipment carried on board is:
MSA Thermal Imaging Camera, 4 MSA SCBA's with 10 spare cylinders, assortment of nozzles, LZ kit, CO monitor & a Multi-Gas monitor. Our supply line on this truck is 3" with 2 1 3/4" speed lays (1 150' and 1 200'), PPV fan, Portable pump.
Rescue 82: This truck responds on all auto accidents and can also be used as a QRS for EMS calls: on board we carry 2 sets of Hurst rescue tools with spreaders, cutters, rams and 2 power units, a complete set of air bags, US&R Crib kit, cutting torches, rope rescue equipment, 2 chain saws,
2 MSA SCBA's with 6 spare cylinders, EMS equipment, multiple hand tools and has an on board 7.5 KW generator.
Engine 83: This truck is designated as our "In Town" truck.
It carries 4" for a supply line, 2 1 3/4' speed lays ( 1 150' and 1 200'), 4 MSA SCBA's, 8 spare cylinders, 7.5 KW on board generator. It can be used anywhere in our response area as well if needed.
Tanker 84: This truck also responds on all fire calls anywhere in the response area. It carries a portable pump and a 2,100 gallon dump tank, 2 MSA SCBA's and 6 spare cylinders, multiple adapters and has 2 1 3/4" speed lays (1 150' and 1 200') and also has 500' of 3 " supply line.
NOT PICTURED: Brush 85: This truck was used as our Rescue until 2002 when Rescue 82 was purchased. It carries a 350 gallon booster tank with a 150 GPM pump and is used as a fill site truck at times. We carry all of the brush equipment on it as well as 2 MSA SCBA's and additional stokes baskets.
             Rescue 80: This vehicle is a 2009 Honda Big Red that was purchased with donations made to the department by Chesapeake Energy and CNX Gas. It will be used for ATV accidents, brush fires, search and rescue and anything else that could possibly require a smaller vehicle for access.
FOR SALE: 1946 Chevy Fire Truck...
This truck is in good shape and comes with original hose, ladders and other equipment... for additional info or pictures check our links area and click on McMechen VFD and click on the items for sale link.


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